Bag Closing Machine Manufacturers

As well as offering advanced bagging machines, wxtytech also offers bag closing machines with various functions of heat sealing, sewing, taping, labeling and hem folding. They can be widely used in various industries to meet all the needs of bag closing.

Bag Closing Machine Product List

bag sewing machine

Bag Sewing Machines

Bag Sealing Machines

Sewing Label Machines

Wxtytech Bag Closing Machines Advantages

Our closing machines are well known for their durability and versatility. Customized services are well suited to meet all your bag closing needs.


Capable of sealing bags continuously and at adjustable speeds to meet high or low speed sealing requirements. The heating temperature rises quickly in a short time, allowing the machine to be used quickly, and the heating tube is protected by a protective film.


Wxtytech's low-cost options and affordable bag closing equipment feature small footprints, low power consumption and energy savings. They will be your best choice.

Bag Closing Machines


These bag closing equipment are designed for easy height adjustment for different lengths and thicknesses of bags. More optional functions can also be integrated into the machine to meet different requires.


Very easy to use, just enter the bag into the machine head. It will automatically complete the sack closing process and get it ready for the next sack. The digital controller provides control of everything it does, including precise temperature and speed.

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Why Choose Wxtytech Bag Closing Machine Manufacturer?

As a professional manufacturer of bag closing machines, we are constantly developing new technologies and new equipment to make our products more in line with the needs of our clients. Our machines are known for their superb durability, compact design, simple operation and are easily integrated into semi- or fully automatic packaging lines.

Its wide range of bag sealing machines and bag closers covers the food, seed, feed, chemical, minerals industries.

High Quality

We pay extra attention to the durability of the machine, and all efforts are made to continuously improve the long and stable running time of the equipment.

Standard Accessories

In order to reduce the difficulty of replacing accessories for customers at a later stage, all equipment uses common specification parts.

Punctual Delivery

We promise that we will bear all the consequences and responsibilities if the equipment is not sent out before the delivery date.

Reliable Service

Our company does customer service training at least once a week, in order to constantly improve the quality of our services.

Lower Cost

We are a factory that makes money by going in volume instead of bying high prices. You can get afforable price here.

What Our Clients Say!

The automatic protein powder packaging line I purchased has started working properly. Your price is half of our domestic company’s price for the same excellent product, amazing!


CEO, Lee

I approve of your automated packaging technology. David, the engineer, is great and I can tell that he has a lot of experience. I still want him to design my next set of equipment.


Technical Director, Thailand

Nice bagging machine and competitive price. I would like to be your distributor in India, is it possible?


Factory Manager, India

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