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Charcoal Bagging Machines Advantages

Charcoal is a typical solid material in life, often used for burning or purifying the air. Therefore, most charcoal is in the form of lumps, each of which has a relatively large diameter of particles. They are brittle, light in weight, primarily black, and are porous materials that look much like coal.

In order to facilitate the transportation of charcoal, it needs to be packed. Standard weight specifications are 25kg, 50kg, and 1T. Accordingly, gravity open-mouth bagging machines and gravity jumbo bags filling machines are the most suitable for packaging requirements.

A complete charcoal packing line, including weighing and filling equipment, palletizing equipment, and pallet stabilization equipment. Wxtytech offers a wide range of pre-made bag bagging equipment. We also provide customization services to help you connect new products with your existing production equipment to form a complete line.

semi-automatic charcoal bagging line
semi-automatic charcoal bagging line

Our charcoal bagging machine has a stable mechanical structure and fast packing capacity. You can choose the double hopper feeding method to feed materials. We also equip it with a feed conveying system and sewing and wrapping system.

charcoal automatic packing equipment
charcoal automatic packing equipment

This is a semi-automatic charcoal bagging solution for fastpacking operation at the site where charcoal is produced. If you want to upgrade to a fully automatic packaging line, we can also meet your needs. It includes fully automatic loading bag machines, palletizing robots, and pallet wrapping machines.

charcoal automated packing equipment
charcoal automated packing equipment

If you have significant weight packing needs, a bulk bag bagger will be perfect for you. Our tonnage bagging systems use a top-load structure. They are accurate weighing, fastpacking speed, and vibrating bags.

Ultimately, it all depends on the speed and flexibility your charcoal packaging project requires. Whatever the scope of your project, wxtytech can provide you with the right packing solution.

High Quality

Have been proven in the market for a long time and have excellent quality and can operate stably for a long time.

Rich Options

We can provide you with all the equipment for a complete bagging line and ensure that all components run smoothly.

Cost Efficiency

Source factory direct prices that fit your cost budget.

Wxtytech Charcoal Bagging Solution

Are you looking for right charcoal packing machines, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Charcoal Packing Machines for Sale

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Semi-automatic Double Hoppers Bagging Line

High speed packing for granular,large particles and flakes.
Bag Palletizing

Automatic Palletizing Robot

The speed is adjustable and can operate four pallets at the same time.
home Pallet Wrapping Machines

Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Easy integration into conveyor lines for pallet wrapping and securing.

Why Choose Wxtytech Charcoal Bagging Equipment Manufacturer

We supply fast and reliable machines in the design and manufacturing of charcoal baggers. And all products have competitive prices.

Expert Engineers

Workers and engineers with rich experience take every detail of machinery manufacturing seriously to ensure the high quality of machines.

High Quality

From design, material selection, manufacturing to assembly, high quality is something we pursue.

One-Stop Shop

A wide range of packaging machine and equipment options are available to meet all your requirements for customized packaging lines.

Professional Service

We offer remote technical support, either by phone or video. We also offer recorded training videos.

Safe and Secure

We offer a 12-month warranty on all of our equipment, so please feel free to use it.

Lowe Cost

Flattening management, reducing redundant personnel, minimizing costs and making benefits for cuctomers.


As long as the solid product is in the state of granule or powder, wxtytech’s bagging machine can meet the bagging requirements.

Our prices are factory price, which are lower than the mainstream prices in the market.

We do not have bagging machines in stock. Because all customers’ needs are different, all equipment is customized.

Our packaging equipment and machines can pack solid material in powder and granules, and loose wood shavings or other things.

If you are not sure if the equipment can package your product, you can contact us to get an answer, even if we can’t package your product, but we will also give you some professional advice for your reference.

Our open-mouth bagging machines can be used for bags weigher than 5kg, and bulk bagging machines are used for 1000kg ton bags. All weights are adjustable.

Currently the most popular weight applications are 25kg, 50kg, and 1000kg bags.

We only sell new machines, not used ones.

And we will send you pictures of the production process of the machines you order to keep you informed of the production progress and to make sure that all machines are brand new.

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More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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