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Wxtytech Corn Bagging Equipment Advantages

Corn bagging machine has a wide range of applications. Corn is commonly used for bird and animal feed. Depending on the weight requirements, it is bagged in open-mouth bags from 22 lbs to 110 lbs. Therefore, corn bagging systems need filling, weighing and bag closing functions.

Wxtytech offers the corn bagging solution for most corn (deer corn) bagging applications. It is also can pack feed, seeds and other grains. The complete system consists of three components: filling equipment, weighing equipment, and bag closing equipment to meet the packaging requirements.

The standard system is a semi-automatic system. We offer the option of automation and a wide range of options (bag flatten machine, palletizing system, pallet wrappers, etc.) to form a complete corn bagging line.

deer corn bagging system with hopper
deer corn bagging system with hopper

Weighing and Filling Section

We offer two options.

1. Net weight bagging machine

We have equipped a weighing hopper above the filling machine. The hopper can weigh, and when the corn stored in the hopper reaches a preset weight, the discharge gate opens, and the corn is filled into bags. This system offers a high level of productivity but requires a plant height to meet the requirements. The production rates of 200-250 bags per hour are achieved.

Hopper sizes can be customized for your packaging project. If you need a larger hopper, we will use a platform to support the hopper for safety and stability.

corn platform bagging scale
corn platform bagging scale

2. Gross weight bagging machine

This system has no hopper and uses gravity feeding to fill the corn into bags. We have added load cells to the bag clamping mechanism to give the filling machine a weighing function. It does not require much in plant size, but the production speed is slightly slower than the net weight packer. Average production speeds of 150-180 packs/hour are achieved.

Whatever your choice, our machines use weighing instruments to control the packaging process. The pack weight can be adjusted and has automatic tare, calibration and memory weight functions. The overall operation is user-friendly and very easy to use.

In addition to packing whole or shelled maize, our packers are also capable of packing these materials: deer maize, grains, seeds, rice, salt, sugar, fertilizer, plastic pellets, charcoal briquettes, gravel, sand, etc.

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corn gross weight bagging machine
corn gross weight bagging machine

Sewing Section

All sewing equipment is equipped with an adjustable frame, so you can flexibly adjust the height according to the site conditions. The sewing speed is also adjustable. In addition to this, you can choose optional features such as edge folding, self-adhesive tape and heat sealing.

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automatic bag tape sewing line
automatic bag tape sewing line

Additional Options

When the bags are closed, it does not mean the bagging process is complete. Workers still need to stack the bags neatly for transport.

To make up a complete corn bagging line, you can also equip bag weight checkers, rejectors, palletizing systems, pallet wrappers, etc. They ensure that all bags are of the same weight and ensure high-quality production. All bags are automatically and steadily stacked on the pallets, and the pallets are reinforced with rolled film. The whole process does not require human labour. It is performed entirely automatically by machines, increasing efficiency and reducing labour costs.

corn bagging line
corn bagging line

Professional Service

We have professional sales staff who have a wealth of experience regarding bagging machines. They are good at giving specific advice based on your needs.

High Quality

The reorder rate of over 95% is proof of the excellent quality of our products.

Cost Efficiency

Factory direct prices, price comparison welcome.

Wxtytech Corn Bagging Solution

Are you looking for suitable automatic bagging equipment for corn? 
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our specialists are available online 24/7, and they will provide the right solution for your project.

Corn Bagging Machine for Sale

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Semi-automatic Corn Packaging Machine with Hopper

Cost-effective, market-proven hot-sellers.
Fully Automatic Packaging Line


Highly adaptable and capable of packing other grain materials.
bag sewing machine

Automatic Bag Sealing Equipment

Heavy duty, variable speed, many options available.

Why Choose Wxtytech Corn Bagging Machines Manufacturer

You can purchase different types of bagging machines and auxiliary bagging equipment from wxtytech.
Real having factory, and welcome inspection.

Expert Engineers

Wxtytech‘s engineers all have 30 years of experience and come from state-owned enterprises or foreign companies. You can trust our capabilities.

High Quality

We use only high quality metal materials and accessories, which makes our equipment more durable than others.

Standard Accessories

As a provider of bagging solutions for solid materials, we can supply bagging machines and auxiliary equipment to customize exclusive bagging lines.

Punctual Delivery

We will record the entire machine manufacturing process and send it to our customers regularly to ensure that they have the latest information.

Reliable Service

Our price is the factory wholesale price, no middleman earn difference, welcome to the market price comparison.

Lowe Cost

All bag packaging machines are backed by the company's 12-month warranty policyand and free lifetime technical support.


Our packaging equipments and machines can pack solid material in powder and granules, and loose wood shavings or other things.

If you are not sure if the equipment can package your product, you can contact us to get an answer, even if we can’t package your product, but we will also give you some professional advice for your reference.

Our open-mouth bagging machines can be used for bags weigher than 5kg, and bulk bagging machines are used for 1000kg ton bags. All weights are adjustable. Currently the most popular weight applications are 25kg, 50kg, and 1000kg bags.

Normal equipment will be made of high quality carbon steel, we also offer a wide range of stainless steel options. We will find balance between quality and cost effectiveness and make reasonable suggestions for you. Sometimes it is possible to use different metal materials for the whole machine and the part in contact with the bagging material.

Don’t worry, we have a professional form for you to fill out that will help us understand all the information we need. When you need anything, just contact us directly.

We only sell new machines, not used ones. And we will send you pictures of the production process of the machines you order to keep you informed of the production progress and to make sure that all machines are brand new.

Because we are a factory, the price is very competitive. The industrial park where our factory is located has a complete set of supporting enterprises, so the price of raw materials is favorable. And we don’t invest much in marketing, we want to let our customers buy satisfactory products at a very good price.

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More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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