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Compost Bagging Equipment Advantages

We usually see many automatic grain bagging machines. They are fully working, filling the open-mouth bags with grain at a pre-set weight and sealing them.

These systems have been engineered for bagging deer corn, feed, seed, and other grains. Wxtytech offers two levels of automation: semi-automatic and fully automatic.

The difference between them is whether they have an automatic bag loading function. The higher level of automation, the more expensive the machine is.

All grain bagging equipment has a filling, weighing, and bag sewing functions. If you need to improve its mobility, we can equip wheels. They can quickly move the grain packaging machine around and start bagging quickly in any scene.

For high-speed applications, we offer double hoppers to increase bagging efficiency. We also supply bulk bagging systems to cater to 1t and above weights for bulk applications.

grain automatic bagging line
grain automatic bagging line

Rich Options

Whether conveying or palletizing equipment, wxtytech can supply them to you. We want to offer you a complete bagging solution.

Cost Efficiency

The strong and well-established supply chain helps us to reduce the cost of our machines.

High Quality

Quality is our core competence and our customers' comments are our most valuable asset.

Wxtytech Grain Bagging Solution

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Grain Bagging Machine for Sale

Double Hopper Open Mouth Bagging Machine banner 1

Double Hoppers Open-mouth Grain Bagger

Suitable for powders, granular products, large particles and flakes.
Belt Feed Bulk Bag Filling Machine banner 1

FIBC Bulk Bag Filling and Weighing Machine

High precision and low-cost solutions for bulk materials.
automatic bag sewing machine 1

Grain Bag Sewing Machine

Available in hand-held or fixed options.

Why Choose Wxtytech Grain Bagging Machines Company

We can supply different kinds of bagging equipment with high quality and service.
Choosing wxtytech would be the right decision for you.

Expert Engineers

Our engineers are experts in the bagging machine industry and have received a state-certified senior engineer qualification.

High Quality

The founder founded wxtytech with a love of machinery and a demand for high quality.

Standard Accessories

We have prepared a list of accessories and consumables so that you can easily deal with the problem.

Punctual Delivery

We offer training services to help our customers improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Reliable Service

Under the premise of quality assurance, we can speed up the production in according to the needs of our customers, and everything is flexible.

Lowe Cost

Create an easy service process for custom packaging machines, everything is so process and fast.


As long as the solid product is in the state of granule or powder, wxtytech’s bagging machine can meet the bagging requirements.

Bags over 5kg can be packed with our bagging equipment.

Our prices are factory price, which are lower than the mainstream prices in the market.

We offer a 12-month warranty on all products and provide free lifetime technical support service.

Yes, the price we give is to make sure the machine can work well, all the accessories are included in it.

We offer installation and commissioning services; we also provide remote technical guidance and training videos to help you start working quickly.

Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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