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Hay Bagging Machines Advantages

Hay is a perfect natural feed material. The fiber content within hay is high, so they are fluffy, and the material has a high air content. To facilitate the transportation of hay and improve transportation efficiency, we often use compression bagging equipment to handle them.

Similar materials are wood chips, straw, sawdust, cellulose, etc., all need compression packaging systems to package them.

Compared to the traditional compression packaging machines on the market, the hay bagging machine from wxtytech has been upgraded in many aspects.

We offer two automation options: fully automatic and semi-automatic. If you choose a semi-automatic compression packer, you need to load bags manually. Conversely, the option of a fully automatic compression packaging line is fully automated, with the machine automatically making bags using rolled film, thus replacing manual bagging.

semi-automatic compression bagger
semi-automatic compression bagger
fully automatic compression bagger
fully automatic compression bagger

In addition to that, we also offer two automation options regarding the bag heat-sealing process. You can choose the automatic heat sealing system. The machine will automatically complete the heat sealing process. When choosing semi-automatic heat sealing machine, you need to manually put the mouth of the bag on the heating strip for heat sealing.

semi-automatic bag heat sealer
semi-automatic bag heat sealer
fully automatic bag heat sealer
fully automatic bag heat sealer

We also offer conventional palletizers, fully automatic robotic palletizers, and pallet stretch wrapping systems for end-of-line packaging solutions. And you can also choose optional packaging auxiliary equipment such as a dust removal system and inspection system. Trust wxtytech. We can build a complete hay packing line for you.

Of course, if you have special requirements for your bagging project, we can also provide you with a custom service. For example, we have previously increased the machine chamber size to meet our customers’ output requirements.

We have also found that many other brands of hay compressors are huge, which requires production space to meet the requirements. So, we have optimized the mechanical structure and reduced the overall size of the machine while ensuring the quality and compression capacity of the device to fit into most production spaces.

If you are looking for a suitable hay packer, you can try contacting us for a free proposal and quote. You can also check out the products list below.

Rich Options

Offers a wide range of options for automation and packaging auxiliary equipment.

High Compression

Strong compression, effectively reduce the volume of the package.

Cost Efficiency

Factory direct sales, offering mind-blowing prices.

Wxtytech Hay Packing Solution

Are you looking for right hay packing machines, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our compression bagger technology specialists are available online 24/7.

Hay Bagging Machines for Sale

Semi-automatic Gravity Compression Bagger

Smaller machine size and higher compression ratio.
Automatic Heat Sealing Machine

Fully Automatic Bag Heat Sealer

Fully automated operation with no human involvement.
bag high level palletizer 1

Conventional Bag Palletizing Machine

Servomotor-driven to maximize speed and accuracy for bags and bales.

Why Choose Wxtytech Hay Bagging Equipment Manufacturer

We offer reliable and fast products in the design and manufacturing of hay packing machines. And all products have competitive prices.

Expert Engineers

With a team of engineers with over 30 years of experience, we can provide you with tailor-made bagging solutions.

High Quality

We are proud to offer market-proven, high-quality bagging machines and equipment.

Talent Management

We have entered into partnerships with universities and have a steady stream of skilled people to fill our technical team.

Professional Service

From the initial design to the final installation, wxtytech will walk you through every step of the process to ensure everything goes well.

Safe and Secure

All accessories and machines are supported by a 12-month warranty, so don't worry if you encounter problems, we'll take care of them.

One-Stop Shop

We offer different bagging machines and auxiliary bagging equipment for different bag types and materials to choose from.


11lbs is the smallest weight we can pack, any heavier weight packaging can be done by our machines.

We will provide you with a price you can afford and we will be a good choice for you.

Yes, we offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bagging models.

For open-mouth bags, the maximum speed can reach 600bags/h, and for ton bags, the maximum speed can reach 30 bags per hour.

Of course there is. Any customer who has bought our product is our vip. Buy our machine again and we will give you a big discount.

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Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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