Belt Feed Bulk Bag Filling Machine


Belt Feed Bulk Bag Filling Machine

• Performance

High speed and stable bulk material weighing and packing system for increased productivity.

• Economical

Belt feeding system to transport sticky materials, reducing material loss.

• Versatility

Be suitable for filling a wide range of viscous bulk products, providing wide applicability and accuracy.

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Customized Cost-effective Bulk Bag Packaging Machine for Bulk Materials

This bulk bag filler (FIBC) is belt fed and suitable for the dosing of sticky granular solids and for the dosing of bulk materials.

The worker hangs the bulk bag on the bag clamp and the discharge port automatically blows air to bulge the bag, then the material is transported through the belt and falls into the bag.

When the load cell detects that the weight has reached the preset weight, the machine stops feeding.


Technical Parameters

Feeding-typeFeaturesApplicative Materials
Gravity (ZY)Suitable for powder and granular bulk with good fluidityABS,P, PVC, Urea, Rice, White sugar, etc
Double Screw (LX)Suitable for fine powder materials with poor fluidity and low densityFlour, Talcum powder, Soda ash, Aluminum hydroxide, Fuel, pigments, etc
Belt (PD)Suitable for blocky, flaky and power materials are mixed togetherFlaky magnesium oxide, Phthalic anhydride, Flake caustic soda, Bean cake, Refractory materials, etc
Vibration (ZD)Suitable for blocky andcoarse powder materials with high densityIrregular quartz sand, Ore, Zinc powder, Polyester chips and irregular shaped materials, etc

Weighing Range500-1000 kg/bag
Capacity5-15 bags/h5-10 bags/h5-10 bags/h5-10 bags/h
Precisions≤ 0.2%
Sensor FormMiddle or bottom-mounted sensor, DN series is top-mounted sensor (higher space requirement)
Bag DimensionL: 500-1800 mm W: 800-1250 mm H: 800-1250 mm
Power Supply380V / 22V/AC 50HZ
Total Power4 KW/H0.55 KW/H2.5 KW/H1.25 KW/H
Compressed Air0.5-0.7 Mpa
Air consumption160 N/min



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Bulk Materials

Our big bag filling machine has strong adaptability and is suitable for various types of materials, including: powder, flakes, granules, small balls.

It is widely used in food, chemical, engineering plastics, fertilizer, feed, building materials and other industries.

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pellets bulk materials 2


flakes bulk materials 3


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Bag Types

It can be widely applied to various types of jumbo bags, including those with discharge ports.

(We also offer auxiliary packaging equipment, such as Bulk Bag Unloaders.)

FIBC Bulk Bag type 1

Bulk Bag / Jumbo Bag / Big Bag



  1. A wide range of product applications: grain, building materials, storage, light industry, chemical and other granular materials processing industry, and different particle sizes of granular, powdery materials for metering and packaging. For example: grains (rice, corn, soybeans, malt, wheat), fertilizers, plastic particles, etc.
  2. Composition structure: feeding mechanism, weighing mechanism, pneumatic actuator, guide mechanism, bag clamping mechanism, dust removal mechanism, electric control part and other components of the integrated automatic packaging system. This series of equipment is usually used for solid granular materials and powder materials fast, large capacity of specialized quantitative weighing packaging, but also the current international large soft bag packaging necessary special equipment.
  3. Equipped with empty bag blowing function and built-in and external dust removal interfaces.
  4. Start packing with just a touch of the travel switch.
  5. Automatic disengagement from the bag gripper and bag hanging mechanism after packing and no other operation is required.
  6. Combining coarse and fine feeding functions in one, effectively solving the requirements of speed and precision in the packaging process.
  7. For the packaging process of different weight bags can be automatically tare, zero, with automatic data correction function to ensure the accuracy requirements.
  8. For the requirement of detecting whether the material contains metal particles, a metal detector alarm or metal alarm rejecter can be added to the feed.
  9. Automatic bags drop down can be conveyed to the next process by free roller conveyor, power roller conveyor or belt conveying material.
  10. Can be equipped with bag shaking function or flexible adjustment of bag clamping machine and hook height according to requirements
  11. The system has two modes of operation, automatic or manual, and can be switched at will.
  12. The manual mode can be operated in any amount.
  13. It can be equipped with four guide bars for balancing up and down.



Our machines are made of famous brand parts to ensure the quality of the machines and make them run stably for a long time.

In case of problems, customers can purchase parts as fast as possible to minimize the loss of downtime.

sensore 3


back of weighing controller 4

MT Weighing Controller(back)

front of weighing controller 5

MT Weighing Controller(front)

Pneumatic components 6

AIRTAC Pneumatic Components

weighing controller GM8802 7

Weighing Controller GM8802

AIRTAC Cylinder 8

AIRTAC Cylinder

rippie sensor 9

MT Ripple Sensor

load call 8

MT Load Cell

Keli Load Cells 1

KELI Load Cell




  • 1.5m wide free roller conveyor, power roller conveyor or belt conveyor.
  • Square tube pipe or round type metal detector.
  • Small independent pulse dust collector.


Production Process

Step 1: Raw Materials
Step 2: Drilling
Step 3: Cutting
Step 4: Folding
Step 5: Welding
Step 6: Programming
Step 7: Assembling and Debug
Step 8: Inspection
Step 9: Packing
Step 10: Container Loading

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