Fully Automatic Screw Open-mouth Bagging Machine


Fully Automatic Screw Open-mouth Bagging Machine

• Design Quality

Closed design, less dust emission, high speed packaging stability to improve bagging efficiency and ensure a clean environment.

• Sanitary

The whole process of packaging without manual participation, to achieve a high degree of automation, but also optional food-grade stainless steel to ensure clean and hygienic materials.

• Accuracy

Adopting high precision weight sensor, the whole process is computer controlled and equipped with weight testing machine to ensure all packages meet the requirements.

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What is the Fully Automatic Bagging Line?

The auger automatic bagging line is our most complete and highest automation packaging equipment. The whole set of equipment is used to pack powder-type materials, which realizes 100% machine automation, does not require manual participation at all, and provides excellent bagging accuracy and self-detection and correction capabilities, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

The worker places the pre-formed open-mouth bags at the designated position, and the machine uses the suction cup to automatically put the bag on the outlet of the silo. Then the servo motor controls the vertical auger to feed the material into the bag. When the weight of the bag reaches the preset value, the gripper will send the bag to the automatic sewing machine for sealing, and then enter the steps of shaping, weight detection, metal detection, rejection, etc., and finally palletizing by palletizing robots. The trays are then packed by the pallet wrapping machine, completing the entire packaging process.

The whole bagging system is controlled by the computer program, with simple operation, complete functions, reasonable maintenance, accurate weighing, ensuring material hygiene, greatly improving packaging efficiency, and reducing environmental pollution.


Basic Structure

  • Storage material hopper
  • Double Screw feeding mechanism
  • Weighing and measuring hopper device and weighing main frame
  • Drop hopper
  • Automatic bag feeding machine
  • Bag clamping device
  • Weighing instrument control box
  • Bag vibrator device
  • Belt conveyor
  • Automatic bag sewing machine
  • Bag dumping machine
  • Bag shaping device


Technical Parameters

Packaging Capacity600 bags/h
Package Weight25 kg
Bag Size580*420*75 mm
Silo Volume80 L
Power4.6 kw
Air Source Pressure≥0.5 Mpa
Total Weight460 kg
Overall Dimension1220*650*2360 mm




fully automatic bagging line technical drawing


Integrated bagging line display

fully automatic bagging line


complete bagging line Schematic diagram


Bulk Materials

The Complete Screw Packaging Line can be used to bag a variety of sizes of materials, especially some granular or powder products with good flowability.

And, due to the high productivity, wxtytech bagging systems are widely used in various industries, including feed, grain, petrochemical, fertilizer, etc.





fine powders

Fine Powders


Bag Types

Open Mouth Bags of different shapes or materials can be used on our fully automated packaging lines.

(We also offer bag sealing machines with a wide range of functions such as edge folding and labeling.)

Gusseted bags

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted flat bottom bags

Gusseted Flat Bottom Bags

Pillow-type bags

Pillow-type Bags



  1. Automatic bagging, bagging, metering, sealing and conveying.
  2. The modular design allows flexible adjustment of the packaging line according to customer requirements.
  3. All machines are equipped with anti-jamming technology and high precision weighing modules for accurate and reliable weighing data.
  4. The entire line can be equipped with weight detection, metal detection and rejection systems to ensure that the products are qualified.
  5. The palletizing process can be carried out by robots in the post-process to improve efficiency.
  6. PLC control, automatic operation, high production efficiency, low failure rate and smooth operation.



The use of parts from internationally renowned brands and adapt common standards increases the stability of the equipment and reduces the risk of not being able to find replacement parts in the future.

Wxtytech does the same, all from the point of view of a good customer experience.

sensore 3


back of weighing controller 4

MT Weighing Controller(back)

front of weighing controller 5

MT Weighing Controller(front)

Pneumatic components 6

AIRTAC Pneumatic Components

weighing controller GM8802 7

Weighing Controller GM8802

AIRTAC Cylinder 8

AIRTAC Cylinder

rippie sensor 9

MT Ripple Sensor

load call 8

MT Load Cell

Keli Load Cells 1

KELI Load Cell




  • Bucket elevator
  • Pulse dust collector
  • Heat sealer
  • Vacuum machine
  • Weight detection machine
  • Metal detector
  • Reject machine
  • Palletizing robot
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Inkjet printer
  • Pallet wrapping machines


Production Process

Step 1: Raw Materials
Step 2: Drilling
Step 3: Cutting
Step 4: Folding
Step 5: Welding
Step 6: Programming
Step 7: Assembling and Debug
Step 8: Inspection
Step 9: Packing
Step 10: Container Loading

wxtytech prodcuts production line 10-31




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