Stainless Steel Double Screw Powder Packing Machine


Stainless Steel Double Screw Powder Packing Machine

• Design

The overall volume of the machine is small, compact design, small footprint, flexible and convenient installation.

• Accuracy

Adopting double screw feeding method, which ensures both feeding speed and feeding accuracy. Weighing accuracy can reach ±0.2%.

• Sanitary

High quality food grade stainless steel material is used and combined with sealing and dust removal technology to ensure a clean environment and clean materials.

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What is the Open Mouth Bagging Machine?

Double Screw Powder Bagging Machines is designed for powdery and less liquid materials, with floor type architecture, small structure volume and easy installation. It has high weighing accuracy, simple and convenient operation, high reliability and complete functions, and can be widely used in feed, grain, treatment of non-metallic minerals, fine chemicals, inorganic salt, rubber and plastic, leather, fertilizer and other industries.

We have increased the number of screws by replacing 1 screw with 2 screws. Two screws are divided into a large and a small screw, the large screw being responsible for fast feeding at the beginning of the feeding period and the small screw for precise feeding towards the end of the feeding period, controlling the weight accuracy. This design offers a balance of efficiency and precision, better matching the customer’s packaging needs and is suitable for a wider range of industries.


Basic Structure

  • Storage hopper
  • Double screw feeding device
  • Weighing and measuring bag clamping device
  • Host frame
  • Weighing instrument control box
  • Belt conveyor
  • Bag sewing machine


Technical Parameters

Weighting Range (kg)10-25
Precisions0.2 Level
Deviation0.2% FS
Capacity (bags/h)150-180
Feed-typeDouble Screw
Working EnvironmentTemperature: -10-50℃, Relative Humiditys: 90%
Power SupplyConveying and Sewing Unit: AC380V 50HZ Packaging Unit: AC220V 50HZ
Compressed Air0.4-0.6 Mpa




Stainless Steel Double Screw Powder Packing Machine Technical drawing


Bulk Materials

Our screw powder filling machines are suitable for many types of materials and has a wide range of applications.

Particularly suitable for powdery, less liquid materials, is widely used in feed, grain, treatment of non-metallic minerals, fine chemicals, inorganic salt, rubber and plastic, leather, fertilizer and other industries.





fine powders

Fine Powders


Bag Types

They can be applied to various types of bags.

(We also offer auxiliary packaging equipment, such as Sewing or Heat Sealing Machines).

Gusseted bags

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted flat bottom bags

Gusseted Flat Bottom Bags

Pillow-type bags

Pillow-type Bags



  1.  Automatic completion of the material packaging control function, integrating weight display, packaging timing, process chain, fault alarm in one.
  2.  With automatic storage, recovery (copy) debugging parameter’s function.
  3.  Automatic storage of ten kinds of packaging weight control parameters has each packaging weight of the shift output, the cumulative number of packages, the total output, the total number of packages.
  4.  Adopting screw and electromagnetic vibration dual feeding method to improve working accuracy and speed.
  5.  High brightness fluorescent double row display with real time display of pack weight, cumulative output and number of packs.
  6.  Adjustable automatic tare cycle, tap-true function, keyboard plus encryption function, clock display function.
  7.  Standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces for connection to a computer and micro printer. The instrument can be connected to a computer to print statistical reports on production data.
  8.  Conveyor belt with guiding device, no deviation and no scratching of bags.
  9.  Seam machine, thermoplastic sealing machine, and automatic inkjet printer are optional according to users.
  10.  Modular structure design.
  11.  Sealed bag clamping mechanism, good airtightness and no powder spraying, effectively preventing dust from flying, improving the working environment and protecting the health of employees.
  12.  Compact design, small footprint, flexible and convenient installation, not restricted by the site.



Our packaging equipment use international brand parts, all parts are quality verified and have excellent quality. And all the parts adopt international common standards, so when problems occur, replacements can be easily bought around the world, greatly reducing the loss of downtime.

sensore 3


back of weighing controller 4

MT Weighing Controller(back)

front of weighing controller 5

MT Weighing Controller(front)

Pneumatic components 6

AIRTAC Pneumatic Components

weighing controller GM8802 7

Weighing Controller GM8802

AIRTAC Cylinder 8

AIRTAC Cylinder

rippie sensor 9

MT Ripple Sensor

load call 8

MT Load Cell

Keli Load Cells 1

KELI Load Cell



Production Process

Step 1: Raw Materials
Step 2: Drilling
Step 3: Cutting
Step 4: Folding
Step 5: Welding
Step 6: Programming
Step 7: Assembling and Debug
Step 8: Inspection
Step 9: Packing
Step 10: Container Loading

wxtytech prodcuts production line 10-31




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