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Salt Packing Machine Advantages

In order to improve the efficiency of bulk salt bagging, automatic salt bagging machines have been receiving attention from the market.

Salt is in granular form and is a material with fluidity. There are two common types of salt, industrial salt and table salt. Table salt generally weighs 1 lb. Industrial salt is divided into sea salt, mineral salt, and rock salt. They are commonly available in standard open-mouth bag weights of 11 lb, 22 lb, 55 lb, 110 lb (5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg); up to big bags weighing 1102 lb, 2205 lb, 2645 lb, 3306 lb (500kg, 1000kg, 120). 1200kg, 1500kg).

Wxtytech offers automatic open-mouth and bulk baggers to complete the process of packaging salt. Our machines provide filling, weighing, bagging, and sewing. All salt bagging machines are accurate, reliable, and fast.

In addition to this, we offer the option of corrosion-resistant materials, which enables our equipment to operate stably for long periods in wet or corrosive environments. You can make money anywhere.

To enhance the automation of packing salt, we also offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment suitable for salt packaging. Such as bag heat sealers, robotic palletizers, pallet wrappers, weight checking systems, etc.

ice melting salt robotic palletizing
ice melting salt robotic palletizing

Wxtytech can help you improve packaging efficiency, reduce labor costs and boost profits.
So, this investment will bring you a significant profit.

High Quality

Using good materials and branded accessories to build quality machines.

Rich Options

We can supply all the packaging equipment needed to build a salt bagging line.

Cost Efficiency

Real own factory, offer factory price, support factory inspection, instead of middleman.

Wxtytech Salt Bagging Solution

If you need salt bagging machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are available online 24/7, our experts will answer your questions.

Salt Bagging Machine for Sale

Gravity Feed Open-mouth Bagging Machine banner 1

Semi-automatic Gravity Salt Bagger

For powders,granular products, large particles and flakes filling into pre-made bags.
Belt Feed Bulk Bag Filling Machine banner 1

Jumbo Bag Salt Bagging Scale

Bags large quantities of powders,flakes and granular products in bulk bags (500 to 2000 kg ).
Robot Palletizer Machine product

Automatic Palletizing Robot

Customizable robotic palletizers for virtually any type of bags and bales.

Why Choose Wxtytech Salt Bagging Machines Factory

We have excellent products and technology, as well as a wealth of experience. Competitive prices are also our strength.
Choose us and you will reap more rewards.

Expert Engineers

With Wxtytech's team of experienced engineers and professionals from universities, we can customize bagging equipment to meet your requirements.

High Quality

The evaluation and recognition of our customers confirm the excellent quality of our bagging machine.

Continuous Optimization

Wxtytech's goal is to create more value for our customers by reducing downtime and creating greater packaging efficiency.

Professional Service

We will create a good service reputation for wxtytech with our professional services.

Safe and Secure

All packaged machines are backed by a 12-month warranty. If there is a problem with the parts, we will give you new parts for free.

One-Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of packaging machine options. Regardless of bag type and material, you can find the right choice.


Don’t worry, we will send you the replacement parts ASAP and guide the installation remotely.

We do not have bagging machines in stock. Because all customers’ needs are different, all equipment is customized.

Our bagging machines pack bags of 5 kg or more and have a weighing function, we also offer palletizing and other functions equipment.

Wxtytech specializes in the bagging of solid materials, and the applicable product forms include granules and powders.

The minimum package weight is 11 lbs and we can accommodate heavier package weights.

We are a factory and price is one of our advantages. We hope that the favorable price combined with the high quality products will get more customers.

Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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