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Wxtytech Sand Packing Equipment Advantages

The sand bagging machine is trendy among clients. Sand is an important material used in construction. With the development of the economy, people have built more and more buildings, which leads to the demand for sand becoming high, and people need ways to transport large amounts of sand quickly.

Wxtytech offers a jumbo bag filling machine that can meet this demand. High precision sensors control bulk bagging systems for weighing and filling and can pack 1000 kg of sand at a time. Our products can also combine with the automatic loading system and heavy-duty transporters to fill sand efficiently.

We also provide semi-automatic sand filling machines for open-mouth bags. All our products are made with high-quality materials and accessories that can ensure accuracy, reliability and speed. No matter your sand project’s packaging range and budget, wxtytech can design and manufacture the suitable packaging machine for you.

You can view the list of equipment for bagging sand below. You can also contact us, and our technical experts will give you the best sand packaging solution.

Cost Efficiency

Factory direct sales with factory prices. There is no middle cost, the product price is favorable, and the product quality is excellent.

Professional Service

We have a dedicated person to match our customers. And she will take photos and record the whole process of equipment purchased by clients and send it to customers to ensure that they are aware of the latest progress.

Rich Accessories

We offer a wide range of options and provide international brand accessories. Our machines can meet all your requirements.

Wxtytech Sand Bagging Machine Solution

Are you looking for suitable sand bagging machines? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our bagging machinery specialists are available online 24/7, and they will provide the fit bagging solution for your sand project.

Wxtytech Sand Bagging Machines List

Sand platform bulk bagging machine product 1


Weighing range is large, and packing efficiency is high, which is convenient for transporting large amount of sand.
Semi automatic open-mouth sand filling machine product 2


Wide range of applications, not limited by the factory site, quickly complete the process of sand packaging, can also be equipped with a sewing machine.
High speed sand robotic bag palletizing product 3


Adjusts pallet position and quantity as needed to meet palletizing requirements. And the equipment maintains high precision placement at high speed.

Why Choose Wxtytech Sand Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Wxtytech has large selection of automatic bagging machines and other auxiliary equipment. Access our product line and customized packaging line for your sand projects.
You can purchase wxtytech bagging machines and equipment at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

Expert Engineers

Wxtytech has experienced engineers and workers who can ensure the quality of our products. They are all industrial experts.

High Quality

Excellent quality machines are the most important thing for wxtytech, both in terms of material and technology, we always maintain high standards.

Punctual Delivery

Taylorism production methods, combined with efficient suppliers, ensure that ordered packaging equipment is shipped on time.

Standard Accessories

Wxtytech uses more accessories with common standards, which we believe will make it less difficult for our customers to use in the future.

Professional Service

We want our customers to be informed of the latest progress of machines, and our staff will take photos and send them to customers regularly.

Lowe Cost

As a factory, wxtytech wants to get more customers with affordable price and high quality products.


Packing solid materials of granule or powder type, our bagging machines can meet your packing requirements.

From 5kg-1000kg, our machines are able to meet them all, and the weight is flexible and adjustable.

We have our own factory, so the price of our products is the best, there is no middleman to earn the difference.

We offer a 12-month warranty on all products and provide free lifetime technical support service.

Yes, the price we give is to make sure the machine can work well, all the accessories are included in it.

We offer installation and commissioning services; we also provide remote technical guidance and training videos to help you start working quickly.

Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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