Easy customization of high quality complete lines with weighing, bagging, and palletizing systems, at competitive prices. Get your bagging solution now!

Top Certification

We have obtained the top national metrology certification and the international certification of ISO 9001:2015.

On-time Delivery

We are close to all of our supporting suppliers and are able to complete production quickly and ship on time.

12 Months Warranty

All bagging equipment are protected under the companys 12-month warranty period for more secure and hassle-free purchases.

Bagging Machine Product List


Certified industrial technology with high levels of versatility and accuracy in selecting the right weighing system for your needs of the bagging application.


Excellent for feeding solid materials to achieve high precision, fast, stable and safe feed process.


Wxtytech can offer a comprehensive, automated and flexible portfolio of quality products for filling all types of pre-made bags.


We also offer various types of sealing machines to meet semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging needs, capable of long-term stable operation.


Different kinds of conveyors are able to connect different bagging units, flexibly transferring different weights of products and lifting them to different heights.


We offer both conventional and robotic palletizing systems, and they can palletize different weights bags in a stable manner with flexibility and speed.
home Pallet Wrapping Machines


Our pallet wrappers are able to complete the packaging line well, automating the entire process with ease and load safety.


We also manufacture a variety of different bagging ancillary equipment that can be flexibly added into the packaging line to achieve more functionality.


Semi-automatic and fully automatic complete packaging lines can help you quickly reduce costs and increase productivity, such as container scales.

Our Features and Advantages

Wxtytech Bagging Machines company is good at using expertise and enthusiasm for service to face our customers’ ideas. We are accustomed to designing and manufacturing weighing, packaging, and palletizing machines that meet our customers’ needs and complete lines that are reliable and durable.

To better listen to our buyers, we offer 24/7 online customer support to cater to requests and concerns from clients around the globe. As a leading manufacturer of automatic bagging equipment, we take it as our responsibility to answer your anytime, anywhere.

About Wxtytech Bagging Machines

Wxtytech was started by a group of engineers with a dream and a passion. Along with the development, we have gained many positive feedbacks from our customers and established long-term relationships with them.We always insist on providing quality technical services and comprehensive equipment for your projects and ensure that they will operate stably for a long time.We always insist on providing quality technical services and comprehensive packaging equipment for your projects and ensure that they will operate stably for a long time. We hope that every cooperation will be a memory worthy of your praise.

We are pleased to be able to offer you all the equipment you need for your packaging project, where you can get a suitable solution. Choose the right machinery and everything will become smoother and more efficient.


Professional Employee


Experience (years)


Factory (㎡)



For 30 Years We Have Been creating customized bagging machine manufacturing solution

More than 98.5% of custmoers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend wxtytech over time.

Packaging Machine Solutions

We always improve project performance by analysis,recommendation and implementation of automated bagging solutions.

Different packaging projects should consider different materials characteristics and packages need to be considered to design a suitable bagging line. Wxtytech’s engineers are good at listening to customers’ needs and customising unique solutions.Contact our experts today and let them help you overcome your challenges now.

Why Wxtytech is the Best Bagging Machine Manufacturer choise

Expert Engineers

Wxtytech's engineers have over 30 years of experience in packaging machinery. We are good at leveraging our experience and expertise to design a suitable bagging solution for your project.

High Quality

The standardized manufacturing processes, strict testing rules, and rigorous selection of raw materials and accessories enable us to produce high-quality products.

Standard Accessories

Wxtytech will provide equipment with standardized accessories to ensure that our clients never have difficulty obtaining replacement parts. We also offer branded accessories to choose from.

Punctual Delivery

Our factory is located in a huge industrial park, and the suppliers who are required to support the production are located in the park. Therefore, we can promise on-time delivery.

Reliable Service

We can provide: 24/7 online customer support, 1-to-1 customer service, and permanent free consulting services to our customers.

Lowe Cost

Long-term suppliers give preferential prices and low marketing expenses, allowing low-cost production for affordable product

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Are you planning to customize a packaging line to fit your needs?
Or are you looking for the packaging equipment you need?
Let our experts help you make it easy for you.


Our founder David has been in the packaging machinery industry for over 30 years and he started his own business by founding the company in 2015. The current annual output is over 10 million RMB.

Our machines’ prices are subject to change depending on market factors. After you contact us, we will send you an updated quotation for more information.
By the way, because we have our own factory, our prices are factory prices and very competitive.

30% TT paid in advance and 70% TT after machine is checked and accepted by our clients before shipment.

We provide 12 months warranty for all machines and parts.
During this period, damaged machine parts will be replaced for free due to quality factors or normal use.
Damage caused by natural disasters or abnormal use is not included.
We also offer free lifetime technical support and advice to our customers.

Normally, 20-30 days are needed for manufacturing.
Wxtytech Bagging Machines Company will send you the machine layout and foundation drawings within 5 days after receiving the deposit.

All parts will be wrapped with bubble wrap.The main machine part is fixed inside the container with steel wire, and all accessories will be put into wooden boxes and be shipped together.

Yes. We will send our after-sales engineers and service specialists to the site to assist in the installation and commissioning of the machines. They all have professional knowledge and ability to communicate in foreign languages.

Yes. We offer a free training service to help customers learn how to operate and maintain the machine. We will also shoot training videos for remote learning.

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