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Wxtytech Rice Bagging Machines Advantages

The rice bagging machine is one of the most applications in the food industry because rice is the staple food of many people. Rice manufacturing locations are often focused, as well as the production quantity is large. So, there is a significant demand for completely automated or semi-automatic rice product packaging equipment and palletizing lines to facilitate rice transportation.

automatic rice packaging equipment
automatic rice packaging equipment

The complete process of bagging rice includes Filling, Weighing, Closing and Palletizing. And the conveyor will connect this automated equipment to form the most basic rice bagging line.

In addition, if you require special functions for packaging rice, additional automation equipment can be added to the packaging line as part of the rice packaging auxiliary equipment.

Our clients often choose weight and metal detection systems and rejection systems. This way, the rice package coming out of the line meets the requirements in terms of weight and quality.

automatic 25kg rice bagging line
automatic 25kg rice bagging line

The bags used to pack rice are available in different weight sizes, such as 1kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and even tonne bags for bulk materials.

To meet the other requirements for bagging rice, you should choose suitable bagging equipment. The two most common types are open-mouth bagging machines and bulk bagging machines.

different rice bags
different rice bags

Because of the large particle diameter of rice, gravity feeding is the best option for bagging rice.

You can choose our gravity open-mouth bagging scales and gravity big bag scales.

25kg rice packing machine is the most in-demand. We also offer 20kg bagging machine. Considering that rice is food, all food contact parts of machines must use 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is corrosion immune and lengthens the service life of all rice packaging devices.

Regarding rice bag sealing machines, we offer different sealing methods: sewing or heat sealing. No matter what the material of your rice bags is, or if you want to insulate the rice from the air completely, you will find the right option in the rice closing machine. By the way, we also offer equipment for vacuum bagging rice.

rice bag sealing machines
rice bag sealing machines

Now comes the final step: palletizing. It becomes particularly important to find a balance between speed and stability. We work with many internationally famous palletizer manufacturers. We offer a selection of palletizing equipment from several brands.

robotic bag palletizing machine 2

Wxtytech supplies industry-leading automated rice bagging solutions. We additionally can guarantee that the rice bag packing machine is in a dry and clean environment.

You can trust us that wxtytech can provide you with precise, efficient and reliable packaging machines for whatever your rice packaging application scope.

The following is a list of machines used for rice bagging. For more information, please click on the related product.

If you are not sure which rice bagging system is best for you, or if you have a lot of questions about rice bagging machines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, our rice packaging experts offer a 24-hour online service, and they will also you soon.


Passes rigorous national tests with testing costs of up to $20,000. Ensure that all product quality is at a high level.


By centralizing most of the controls on the operator panel, workers can easily operate the machine. We also provide training videos to help customers get started faster.

Professional Service

Special service: The entire manufacturing process of the equipment is documented with photos and sent to the customer on a regular basis to ensure that the customer is updated on the progress of machines.

Wxtytech Rice Bagging Equipment Solution

Are you looking for suitable rice packing machines? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our packaging equipment specialists are available online 24/7, and they will provide the suitable packaging solution for your rice project.

Wxtytech Rice Packaging Equipment List


For powders, granule, large particles and flakes, with a wide range of applications, automatic bagging, weighing, packing and palletizing.


Manual bagging, adjustable weight and accurate weighing and filling rice. For bags of various materials.


Create and modify placement models on the touch screen. Accurately and quickly place bags in designated positions.

Why Choose Wxtytech Rice Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Wxtytech has large selection of automatic bagging machines and other auxiliary equipment. Access our product line and customized packaging line for your rice projects.
You can purchase wxtytech bagging machines and equipment at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

Expert Engineers

Our experienced engineers are able to provide bagging solutions based on the specific requirements of your bagging project.

High Quality

Our rich experience makes us pay more attention to details and make the machine with better quality.

Standard Accessories

We offer a wide range of spare parts and our parts experts will give you the right advice.

Professional Service

Our after-sales technicians will regularly ask our customers about the operation of their equipment to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Safe and Secure

With a 12-month warranty, we are able to reduce customers' concerns about quality and we will handle all your questions.

Lowe Cost

Use quality products combined with affordable prices to gain more customer acceptance.


Powders, granules, flakes and solids can all be packaged with our machines.

11lbs is the minimum weight, smaller weights are not suitable for our machines.

At present wxtytech is in the stage of establishing the brand, so we want to open the market quickly with competitive price.

For open-mouth bags, the maximum speed can reach 600bags/h, and for ton bags, the maximum speed can reach 30 bags per hour.

Of course there is. Any customer who has bought our product is our vip. Buy our machine again and we will give you a big discount.

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Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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