Feeding Machine Manufacturers

Wxtytech specialises in the making of feeding equipment for wide applications. We provide certified modern technology with high precision for fast weighing. There are many different systems for material feeding: gravity, belt, screw or dual hopper feeding. We always customize high-performance machines to fit the customer's specific demands.

Feeding Systems Product List

Gravity Feed

Belt Feeder

Belt Feeder

Screw Feeder

Double Hopper

Wxtytech Feeding Systems Advantages

We offer certified industrial technology feeding machines for wide range material. Our equipment can be applied to different projects and provides fast and accurate feeding.


According to the characteristics of different materials, using different feeding system can minimize the loss of materials; at the same time, the use of high-precision sensors to control the feeding process to ensure high accuracy.


We provide data collection, feed detection and alarm functions to ensure proper operation of the feeding process.


Many properties differ from material to material: density, viscosity, size. Therefore, our feeders are able to meet more than 99% of solid materials, and also can achieve high speed feeding function.


Our equipment can achieve long and stable operation in complex industrial environments, and we design for 24/7 operation with 0 downtime.

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Why Choose wxtytech Feeding Machine Supplier ?

We have helped many companies to successfully complete their project design and manufacturing, and have accumulated a lot of experience on different materials. This enables us to design better machines for bagging and feeding. We are good at customizing and combining excellent accessories to build bagging lines that meet customers’ requirements, and we always insist on quality control.

Over the years, our customers have recognized our products and service and established a long-term relationship with us. We will also continue to optimize our products and improve our service experience.

High Quality

Standardized production plant, richly experienced staff, and products manufactured to international quality standards.

Standard Accessories

We apply common standard parts to reduce the difficulty of future replacement parts for our customers.

Punctual Delivery

Our supporting companies are able to respond quickly, allowing us to significantly reduce production time. We can deliver on time.

Reliable Service

Our technical experts are available online 24 hours a day and they will help you solve your problems. You can trust them.

Lower Cost

As a factory, we don't have high marketing expenses.
Our price is factory wholesale price.

What Our Clients Say!

The perfect bagging system, wxtytech helped us to reduce jobs and save a lot of money, worth more than the cost of the machine.

Abdur Razzaq

CEO, Pakistan

I was satisfied with the speed and quality of the bagging machine. We can easily handle our grain. I will order again soon.


Farm Owner, USA

The process of customizing the machine was easy, wxtytech understood our needs carefully and it was a pleasure to work with them.


CEO, Nigeria

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