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A one-stop shop for machine customization that is 100% tailored to your packaging needs and production environment. Wxtytech will make it all so easy.

Integrated Bagging Systems Product List

Fully Automatic Packaging Line

Fully Automatic Packaging Line

Mobile Bagging Machines

Wxtytech Integrated Bagging System Advantages

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, we have accumulated many customer cases to customize a packaging line to fit your budget and requirements.


Customize the whole packaging line, we will optimize all the devices, centralize most of the operations on the control panel, user-friendly operation experience, simple operation and easy to get started.


After years of development, we have made several upgrades and improvements to complete bag packaging systems, and solid steel construction with low-maintenance components that guarantees high machine operational availabily.You can rely on them.


Our machines are able to provide stable and complete bagging functions, from the initial handling of raw materials to the final wrapping, the whole process has been done automatically by machines, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency.


We provide all the equipment about granule or powder automatic packaging, so the custom-made whole packaging line is cheaper than the line composed of piecemeal purchase equipment, and the whole line will run more stable and better.

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Why Choose Wxtytech Integrated Bagging Systems?

David founded wxtytech with a love of machinery. Our company wants to customize cost-effective pre-made bag packaging lines for every friend who needs them, and we also hope to see every item been packaged automatically to create a world of low labor costs and high productivity. Wxtytech also cooperate with many universities to recruit talents and keep working hard to create quality products. Because of love and professionalism of machinery, our customers praise us and build long-term relationships with us.

Therefore, no matter the size of your project, your budget or the type of bag, wxtytech can provide you with the bagging line that will perfectly fit your needs.

High Quality

We have manufactured over 80 complete packaging lines. All equipment has a 100% uptime rate. Our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to ensure the quality of our products.

Standard Accessories

We are constantly trying to prolong the normal use of the machines by our customers. You can buy the corresponding accessories in your own country, as they all meet the international common standards.

Punctual Delivery

We promise to deliver on time, and if we do not fulfill our promise, we will voluntarily pay the amount that exceeds the agreed penalty.

Reliable Service

Wxtytech's remote technical support is online 24 hours a day, and at any time, you can get our help to help you out of a difficult situation.

Lower Cost

Although we don't consider price as our advantage, we focus more on the quality of machines. But because we are a factory, the price of our machines is indeed cheaper than others.

What Our Clients Say!

Your mobile container packing scales have made a huge difference at the terminal, and I am very satisfied with the greatly improved packing efficiency and time savings.


Manager, Philippines

At present, I have cooperated with 5 suppliers, and you are the best. Because of your professionalism and serious attitude towards customers, I hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.


CEO, Australia

I ordered one complete packaging line, the quality of bagging is very good and the waste of material is reduced, I am happy to recommend wxtytech.


Director, Spain

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