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Wxtytech Cement Packing Equipment Advantages

The cement bagging machine is the common machinery application. You can easily find cement playing a huge role in many industries, especially in construction. Cement is a binder used in construction, which can be other materials harden and stick together firmly. The cement is mixed with sand and gravel to form concrete.

You need to know that concrete is the most widely used material and behind only water as the planet’s most-consumed resource.

It also means that every year humanity will consume a large amount of cement material, and gradually, people have discovered that valve bags are the most suitable bag type for packing cement. The valve bag filling machine has further enhanced the automation level and packaging efficiency of filling cement.

Cement is a solid powder material that generates a lot of dust in packaging. Using valve bagging equipment can avoid dust pollution, increase the bagging speed, and be easier for manufacturers to palletize and transport cement because of the neater shape of the material-filled valve bags.

To learn more about valve bag filling machines, read this article: Guide to Valve Bag Filling Machine 2022.

As a professional manufacturer of cement bagging equipment, wxtytech constantly strives to provide our customers with high-quality bagging machines that enhance the speed and quality of their cement packing projects.

According to the different budgets, we offer two automation options: semi-automatic valve baggers and fully automatic valve bag packaging lines. They are manual loading bags and automatically loading bags, respectively.

manual valve bagger outlet
manual valve bagger outlet
fully automatic valve bagger outlet
fully automatic valve bagger outlet

For external valve bags, we offer the option of ultrasonic sealers or heat sealers. We will assemble them with your packaging scales for stable operation.

valve bag ultrasonic sealing machine details
valve bag ultrasonic sealing machine details
valve bag heat sealer
valve bag heat sealer

Wxtytech’s cement bagging equipment is accurate, fast and reliable. Whatever the budget and requirements of your cement packaging project, wxtytech can provide the right automatic cement packing machine for you.

Suppose you also need palletizing equipment, wrapping equipment, inspection equipment, conveying equipment, etc. In that case, we are also able to meet your needs.

Check out the comprehensive list of equipment available for cement/grout packing below, or you can contact us and let our experts help you.

High Quality

We have a standardised production process and are certified with a national metrology licence, and all our equipment is capable of weighing and packing accurately. Our team of engineers with more than 30 years of experience are able to ensure excellent product quality.

Professional Service

We take the 1-to-1 service model. Before ordering, we provide free drawings to help understand.Once we have started manufacturing, we will keep you up to date with the progress of the machine by providing you with photos and records of the progress of the equipment you have purchased.

Cost Efficiency

The price of wxtytech cement packing machine is factory price. We have the support of a strong supply chain so that we can offer high quality and cost effective products. And our products can help you to increase your productivity and make more profit.

Wxtytech Cement Packaging Machine Solution

Are you looking for suitable bagging machines to pack cement? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our bagging machinery specialists are available online 24/7, and they will provide the fit packaging solution for your cement project.

Wxtytech Cement Bagger Machine List


Manual bagging, small footprint, high packaging cement efficiency, easy operation for workers. And the price of the equipment is very cheap.


The machine automatically sacks, fills and seals the bag. The entire process of packing cement requires no manual involvement, greatly reducing labour costs and increasing packaging efficiency.


Suitable for all types of bags, full-colour touchscreen LCD operation for easy modification of posed models.

Why Choose Wxtytech Cement Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Wxtytech has large selection of automatic bagging machines and other auxiliary equipment. Access our product line and customized packaging line for your cement projects.
You can purchase wxtytech bagging machines and equipment at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

Expert Engineers

Wxtytech is manned by industry-leading engineers. We leverage our manpower experience and field expertise to create bagging solutions for you.

High Quality

Wxtytech adopt structured production methods and uses high quality metal materials and accessories to ensure the quality of our products.

Standard Accessories

Wxtytech provides bagging machines with standardized parts and features to ensure that our customers never have difficulty obtaining replacement parts.

Punctual Delivery

We are committed to on-time delivery and have an abundance and proximity of suppliers to ensure this.

Reliable Service

We have professional service staff to provide 1-to-1 vip service.

Lowe Cost

We are a factory that degrades marketing expenses and focuses on product manufacturing to ensure quality products and affordable prices.


Our packaging equipments and machines can pack solid material in powder and granules, and loose wood shavings or other things.
If you are not sure if the equipment can package your product, you can contact us to get an answer, even if we can’t package your product, but we will also give you some professional advice for your reference.

Our open-mouth bagging machines can be used for bags weigher than 5kg, and bulk bagging machines are used for 1000kg ton bags. All weights are adjustable.
Currently the most popular weight applications are 25kg, 50kg, and 1000kg bags.

Normal equipment will be made of high quality carbon steel, we also offer a wide range of stainless steel options. We will find balance between quality and cost effectiveness and make reasonable suggestions for you. Sometimes it is possible to use different metal materials for the whole machine and the part in contact with the bagging material.

Don’t worry, we have a professional form for you to fill out that will help us understand all the information we need. When you need anything, just contact us directly.

We only sell new machines, not used ones.
And we will send you pictures of the production process of the machines you order to keep you informed of the production progress and to make sure that all machines are brand new.

Because we are a factory, the price is very competitive. The industrial park where our factory is located has a complete set of supporting enterprises, so the price of raw materials is favorable. And we don’t invest much in marketing, we want to let our customers buy satisfactory products at a very good price.

Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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