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Wxtytech Soil Packaging Equipment Advantages

We have different soil bagging machine for sale. Soil is an essential material for building lawns and gardens. The soil needs to be packed to facilitate the transportation of the soil. Wxtytech can provide a complete automation soil packing system.

Depending on the moisture content of the soil, we will use different feeding methods, belt feeding for low moisture content soil and winch feeding for high moisture content soil.

A typical line will be equipped with the weighing and bagging machine, the sewing machine, conveyors, conventional palletizers, and stretch film wrapping. Our company also provides semi-automatic packaging systems for pre-made bags.

All of our bag packaging equipment is precise, efficient, and reliable.
Regardless of the weight range and budget of your soil packing project, wxtytech can provide you with a suitable soil bagging machine.

View the list of equipment available for soil packaging below. You can also contact us, and our colleagues will provide you with a customized soil bagging solution.

Cost Efficiency

Use the excellent quality machines with factory wholesale price, to create a cost-effective brand "wxtytech".

Professional Service

We provide professional technical support and documentation of the entire manufacturing process to ensure that customers are kept up to date on the progress of the products they have purchased.

Rich Options

A wide range of auxiliary equipment is available to meet all the needs of the packaging process.

Wxtytech Soil Bagging Machinery Solution

Are you looking for suitable soil bagging machines? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our bagging machinery specialists are available online 24/7, and they will provide the fit packaging solution for your soil project.

Wxtytech Soil Bagging Machines List

Automatic Open-mouth Bagging Machine For Soil product 1


Volumetric feeding, simple control, and the flexibility to integrate other auxiliary equipment to form a soil automatic packaging line.


Uniform and stable rotation, continuously provide tension, not easy to pull bad stretch films, ensure load safety.
Conventional Palletizing System product 3


Customizable conventional palletizers for virtually any type of bags.

Why Choose Wxtytech Soil Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Wxtytech has large selection of automatic bagging machines and other auxiliary equipment. Access our product line and customized packaging line for your soil projects.
You can purchase wxtytech bagging machines and equipment at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

Expert Engineers

Our engineer has extensive experience as an engineer supervisor in a state-owned enterprise before.

High Quality

All equipment are run and tested several times to confirm that they are OK before they are sent out.

Standard Accessories

All parts meet international measurement standards and you will have no difficulty in replacing them.

Professional Service

When you encounter a problem, our after-sales technicians will quickly solve the problem for you.

Punctual Delivery

Our proximity to the port and our long-standing partner freight companies ensure fast and safe delivery of machines.

One-Stop Shop

A wide selection of packaging products, you can buy all the equipment you need at wxtytech.


Regarding the packaging of solid granules and solid powders, then leave it to our machines to do the job.

As long as the packaging weight is weigher than 5kg, our machines can complete it with high quality.

All machines are factory priced and we hope to expand wxtytech’s customer base by selling more machines.

We will give you the FOB price at the beginning, if you need us to cover the shipping cost, then we will give you a price including shipping, product and insurance according to the latest freight quotation.

We have our own factory and experienced engineers to ensure that we give you the best price and a quality product that meets your requirements.

Usually the production lead time is around 20 days, if you are in a great hurry, we can work overtime as a way to speed up the process.

Our Happy Clients!

More than 97% of customers prasie our machines and over 90% of our customers build long-term business cooperation with us and recommend wxtytech over time.

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