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As a leading Weigh Hopper Manufacturer & Supplier in the industry, wxtytech provides weighing equipment of different heights to meet different site requirements. Our products are also designed to handle a wide of powdered and granular products with high accuracy.

Weighing Hoppers Product List

Hopper Bagging Machine

Clamp Weighing Bagging

Wxtytech Weighing Hoppers Advantages

No matter the scope of your project, wxtytech Weigh Hopper Manufacturer can provide you with the most accurate and suitable bagging scales on the market.


Filling weight is controlled by high precision sensors, and flow control gate is driven by air valve. They can provide filling accuracy at high speed productivity.


Depending on the size and height of your factory, you can flexibly choose the right weighing scale without fear of site limitations.


Design for continuous operation 24 hours/day,365 days/year under though in industrial working conditions.

Cost Efficiency

Rcommend low-cost weighing option and affordable weighing and bagging scale solution for you.

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Why Choose Wxtytech Weigh Hopper Manufacturer

Weighing is a very important function of the packaging scale, and wxtytech offers two types of weighing: hopper and hopperless weighing. Both of them can provide high filling accuracy at high productivity. For all sensors and mechanical devices, we use brand products. At the beginning of the cooperation, we will measure the area and height of your site and then give an accurate weighing solution.

Excellent product quality and the ultimate service, that’s why we continue to be recognized by our customers.

High Quality

The standardized manufacturing processes, strict testing rules, and rigorous selection of materials enable high-quality products.

Standard Accessories

Standardized accessories to ensure that our clients never have difficulty obtaining replacement parts.

Punctual Delivery

We have a wealth of suppliers in the industrial park where our factory is located, which guarantees us on-time delivery.

Reliable Service

We can provide: 24/7 online customer support, 1-to-1 customer service, and permanent free consulting services to our customers.

Lower Cost

Long-term suppliers give preferential prices and low marketing expenses, allowing low-cost production for affordable product.

What Our Clients Say!

The quality of the weighing hopper packaging equipment is very good.
My customers and I are very satisfied with this new one.
I will work harder to promote them in the US.

us client hopper bagger 2

Distributor, US

We wanted to expand our production and needed a pellet packaging line. Wxtytech’s machines made me very happy. It was easy for me and my colleagues to get started because they have training videos and online technical guidance. Everything went smoothly and I look forward to the next cooperation.

india client hopper bagging machine 3


Engineer, India

The wxtytech packaging machinery has excellent quality and durable mechanical structure. It can still produce stably under complicated environment. I would definitely recommend the wxtytech to others because it is really great.

Mexico client weigh hopper 1


Factory Owner, Mexico

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