Automatic Bag Sewing Machine


Automatic Bag Sewing Machine

• Versatility

These bag sealers have the ability to adjust the height to meet different bag lengths and are very adaptable.

• Design Quality

The stable mechanical construction is a high-speed and efficient closing system. And the modular design platform enables the addition of bag closing devices with different functions.

• Usability

Very easy to use. Simply enter the bag into the sewing head and the sewing machine will automatically start, sew, cut the thread and then stop for the next sack.

Bag Folding & Sewing Process

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Bag Taping & Sewing Process

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What is the Automatic Bag Sewing Machine ?

As we know, automatic bag sewing machines play a significant role in various industries. Automated bag closing equipment is a critical component in achieving automated packaging production. It can effectively reduce material waste, protect the clean production environment, and improve efficiency.

These bag sewing machines are used to close open bags for paper, textiles, paper-plastic laminate material, aluminum coatings material, etc. They can integrate automatic sewing head and be equipped with optional edge folding devices, tape closures, automatic label placement machines, etc.

They can provide both plain stitch closing and crepe-tape closing. Combined with the wxtytech conveyor system, can create a high speed and efficient automatic bag closing system.

Compared to bag heat sealers, bag sewing machines are more suitable for flammable and explosive materials or materials with larger particle diameters because they avoid the process of heating glue and use industrial-strength threads to stitch shut bags.

However, the final decision on which bag closing system to use will depend on the type of material, type of closure, throughput requirements, and level of automation required. You can contact our bag closing experts, and they will provide you with the right bag closing solution free of charge.


Types of Bag Closures

  1. Bag Plain Sew: This method uses 2 threads to close the bag and is suitable for more oversized products to avoid material leakage between the stitches. It is the simplest way to sew the bag.
  2. Bag Top Fold + Plain Sew: Folding the bag open-mouth can avoid most of the material leakage, then use 1 or 2 threads to fix the folded part to ensure no material leakage.
  3. Tape Sew with Crepe Paper: Use self-adhesive tape to close the bag, completely isolating air and water vapor. It is suitable for some materials with special storage requirements and uses 1 or 2 threads to reinforce the closure effect, beautiful appearance, and sound effect of closing the bag.

bag sewing types


Stitches Shut Guide

Regarding industrial bag sewing machines, ISO #101 and ISO #401 are the two most important chain stitch to close bags.

ISO# 101 (Chainstitch): Stitch formed by a need thread passing through the bag material and sewing interlooping with itself on the underside of the seam.

iso 101 chainstitch bag sewing type

ISO# 401 (Chainstitch): Stitch formed by 1-needle thread passing through the material and interlooped with 1-looper thread and pulled up to the underside of the seam.

iso 401 chainstitch bag sewing type

In addition to this, if your material has special storage requirements, please let our packaging experts know, and they will give you helpful advice about sewing the package.


Types of Bag Sewing Machines

  • Fully Automatic Bag Sewing System

To meet the requirements of industrial automation, the use of a fully automatic bag sewing system enables an efficient bag sewing process without the need for manual involvement. After completing the filling and weighing process, the robot automatically grabs the bag open-mouth and feeds it into the sewing track. All operations are controlled by computer programs and do not require human intervention.

fully automatic bag sewing line

  • Semi-automatic Bag Sewing Machine

This sewing system consists of a pedestal sewing machine and a belt conveyor that requires the operator to feed the bags into the sewing track. It is capable of automatic bag sewing and stopping operation, controlled by sensors. It also provides variable speed control switches and safety protection devices.

semi-automatic bag sewing equipment

  • Handheld and Portable Bag Sewing Equipment

In addition to the stationary bag sewing machines, we also offer portable bag sewing machines. It does not require a base or conveyor and is usually hung in the air for handheld sewing and stitching only. They are flexibly adapted to different production scenarios with few restrictions.

portable bag sewing machine


Basic Structure

  • Machine Frame
  • High speed sewing machine
  • Electric control box


Technical Parameters

Sewing Head Height720~1220mm (from the ground to the machine needle)
Brake Motor4P, 3PH, 0.75kw/0.4kw (depending on conveyor)
Start-stopphotoelectric switch
Stitching HeadGS-9C type
Max Speed2700 r.p.m.
Stitch Width7 to 10.5 mm (standard setting 10 mm)
Stitch Typesingle needle double stitch chain stitch (single stitch on special order)
Cutter Typecylinder driven cutter
Air Pressure0.4 MP/cm²
Air Consumption3.5 NL/min
Lubrication Systemautomatic oil bath system
Oil Filling Volume1740 cc (approx.)
Machine Pulley Diameter100mm, stepless pulleys to be specially ordered
Machine Needle TypeDR-H30#26
Sewing Threadsynthetic or cotton, 20/6, 20/9




bag sewing machine Technical drawing

Bag Types

Our bag sewing systems are able to meet the needs of all types of open pocket closure and they will show you efficient and high-quality sewing results.

Gusseted bags

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted flat bottom bags

Gusseted Flat Bottom Bags

Pillow-type bags

Pillow-type Bags



We use only high-quality mechanical parts to ensure that the sewing machine will run stably for a long time, and you can also find their replacements all over the world, all of which are world famous brands.

sensore 3


back of weighing controller 4

MT Weighing Controller(back)

front of weighing controller 5

MT Weighing Controller(front)

Pneumatic components 6

AIRTAC Pneumatic Components

weighing controller GM8802 7

Weighing Controller GM8802

AIRTAC Cylinder 8

AIRTAC Cylinder

rippie sensor 9

MT Ripple Sensor

load call 8

MT Load Cell

Keli Load Cells 1

KELI Load Cell




  • Automatic tape edge wrapping machine
  • Automatic edge bending machines
  • Belt conveyors
  • Pocket cleaning equipment


Production Process

Step 1: Raw Materials
Step 2: Drilling
Step 3: Cutting
Step 4: Folding
Step 5: Welding
Step 6: Programming
Step 7: Assembling and Debug
Step 8: Inspection
Step 9: Packing
Step 10: Container Loading

wxtytech prodcuts production line 10-31




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